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Types of Formal Shoes for Man You Should Know

Types of Formal

Types of Formal Shoes for Man You Should Know. Not only one, but there are also may be more than 5 formal shoes for man that you can purchase right now. These shoes can be used when you want to come to formal or semi-formal events. Unfortunately, most of the men maybe not know about these shoes.

You may just know that a formal shoe for man is just the leather shoe. It will make you feel not as lucky as a woman who can use various types of shoes for formal events. It means that you feel that there is not enough option for formal shoes.

Men also have various types of formal shoes that can be chosen.  Knowing these shoes will make you is able to apply the new style every day. What are the names of those shoes? Here is the details for you.

Types of Formal
Types of Formal shoes

Oxford and Derby Formal Shoes

One of the most popular formal shoes for man is the oxford type. This shoe was firstly found in Scotland and Ireland. Usually, it is called “Barmorals”. This was becoming really popular in Oxford University. It was especially in 1800. That is why; it is then called the oxford shoe.

This shoe has a simple shape and smooth surface. You can use it to enhance your formal classic look. As time goes by, this shoe gets so many different designs. However, the most remembered one is for sure the black oxford leather shoe with the cap toe.

These formal shoes for man are perfect to complete your look. You can use it with a tuxedo or formal shirt to have a bola gelinding job interview. The next type of formal shoe is a derby. This shoe is looked like the oxford shoe. However, some parts are not the same.

The thing that differs is the shoelace. It is more opened. That is why; the derby shoe can be used for various sizes of the foot. Furthermore, a derby shoes also a plate in its buttonhole section. Meanwhile, the oxford shoe doesn’t have it.

Types of Formal
derby formal shoes

Monk straps, Loafers, and Chelsea Boots

The monk straps formal shoes for man are also looked like the derby and oxford. However, there is a clear difference that you can notice. The monk strap uses a wider strap than those two shoes. This shoelace part is replaced with that strap.

Another formal shoe that you can find in the market is the loafers. It is basically a slip-on shoe that is so easy to use. This shoe usually has the strap, iron, or tassel for decoration. However, some loafer’s shoes can be also designed without any decorations.

That is why; that shoe is perfect for a formal or casual look. The next type of formal shoe is the Chelsea boot. This shoe doesn’t have the shoelace section. It is replaced with the elastic rubber part

It doesn’t matter what kinds of formal shoes that you will choose. The most important thing is that you need to treat it right. It will make your shoe is not dull and more durable. Make sure that you also choose the right formal shoes for man based on your style.

Types of Formal
chelsea boots